Energy synched

mylight150 designs and distributes solar self-consumption and smart energy management technologies to ensure the perfect balance
between your comfort, budget, and conscience.


  • Store

    MySmartBattery is a cloud-based electricity storage system. Our virtual battery enables you to save your excess solar production for later use, helping you use it for free and save on your energy bill.


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  • Generate

    Our solar panels range is focused on performance and manufacturing quality, with warranties extending up to 30 years for guaranteed long-term production performance.

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  • Provide

    For solar professionals: discover MySmartBattery, our solar panels, and more at Alaska Energies, our specialized distributor in renewable energy, photovoltaics, and heat pumps.

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It’s a new energy

The energy of those who, like us, are determined to change their approach.
Those who want to live to the fullest while acting for tomorrow.

This energy harnesses the power of the sun,
This energy is also that of our vision:

To constantly synchronize electricity production, consumption, and prices.
To continuously adapt to the rythm of your life.
To offer you the best comfort, the best moment, the best price.
At every moment, 365 days a year, without constraints.


Energy synched.

44% of energy is used by residential and office buildings. This sector is France’s largest consumer of energy. Why not make it France’s leading producer of electricity?

Ondine & Virgile Suavet, Co-founders and Co-CEOs mylight150
  • +30 000 connected, solar self-consumption installations

    For the collective production of 100% renewable energy.

  • +260 employees

    A workforce that has quadrupled in 2022. +100 new positions in 2024.

  • 22 patents registered

    An R&D department that continues to grow; we aim to expand the team to 70 people in 2023.

  • 4 countries

    France, Spain, Romania, Switzerland. mylight150 is spreading its energy model throughout Europe

Self-consumption starts on our roofs

Since the end of 2021, we have produced almost 150MWh of local, green electricity, by installing 600m² photovoltaic panels on our roofs. With an investment limited to just 3% of the construction cost of the building, our photovoltaic power plant covers the requirements of a 3,300m² building used by around one hundred people, logistics activities, an R&D laboratory, our customer relations centre, and 10 charging terminals for electric cars.

We are our own users and we provide feedback on our customer experience to the R&D teams. Like our customers, we enjoy the daily comforts of life in a positive energy building.

The production of our photovoltaic installation covers all our consumption needs.

Join us

Release your energy, give meaning to your career and join the future leader in the solar power sector!
At mylight150, our teams make our corporate purpose a reality and encourage us every day to go further.
We act together to transform the energy landscape

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